Macworld 2006 Quick Review

So it seems the rumor sites were only partially right. No Mac Mini, no thin ibook. What a bummer.

But surprise surprise, a new iMac just 6 months after it was revamped. What gives ?? Makes those guys who bought the iMac in the last few months look like chumps. I am glad I did not buy one and waited for it.

On the other hand, they have released more new software than hardware. iLife 06 looks good and I am excited about iWeb and the new podcasting feature in Garage Band. That integration is sweet and will sure make all us Mac users more prolific to share our thoughts, pictures and movies.

MacBook Pro. Huh. What kinda name is that ? Well, its at least better than IntelBook or MacIntel Book. But I am not a Powerbook kinda guy so the MacBook doesnt do anything for me. Its got cool features though, builtin iSight camera, MagSafe power cord and is just an inch thick.

And yeah. FrontRow integration. So now you can watch movies on your MacBook as you lay on your hotel room bed and use the IR remote.

All in all, I was quite disappointed with the announcements. But maybe that is too quick an initial reaction. Blame the rumor sites for driving up expectations.. Sigh.

Lets hope WWDC 2006 brings more goodies from Apple.