MacWorld 2006 Re-whew…

So another SteveWorld..sorry MacWorld keynote has ended with Apple surprising everyone yet again. I certainly did not expect the MacBook Pro. (somehow that name doesn’t sound right. I guess we have to get used to it.)

New in Software:

iLife 06

Updates to:

  • iMovie – New themes, more integration with iLife media.
  • iDVD – New themes, Magic DVD wizard
  • GarageBand – Podcasting factory and more Jam Packs.
  • iPhoto – Print Calendars and Greeting cards, Speedier and supports 250,000 photos, full screen editing
  • iTunes – No updates
  • iWeb – A brand new app for authoring webpages and blogs.

iWork 06

Updates to KeyNote and Pages – more templates and snazzier effects. Mailmerge with Addressbook for Pages. Nothing earthshaking here.

iPod FM Tuner and Remote

There is a new accessory for the iPod. A FM Tuner and remote control in one. This should give the Belkins and Griffins a run for their money. Though i feel the FM tuner should be integrated into the main body of the ipod. How hard is that ? You now get a complete FM tuner on a single microchip. I guess this is more of a business decision than a user-benefit decision. Why include it when you can charge $50 for it ?


Worst kept secret since Charles & Camilla, the first Intel based Mac’s were announced by Steve in his usual flamboyant way. Surprising everyone, he chose to upgrade the iMac first to the Intel processor, inspite of just announcing new G5 iMacs just 4 months ago. I suspect he announced the G4 in the expectation that they would be upgraded easily to Intel in 4 months.

And who else but only Steve can get the CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, (the largest chipmaker in the world with revenues that can buy the whole African continent) to dress up in a White Clean Room Suit and prance out on stage spouting dialog that sounds as if penned by George Lucas (a la Star Wars)

Paul: I am happy to report, that Intel is ready Steve.
Steve: I am happy to report, Apple is also ready.

Paul hands over a silicon wafer to Steve ( a la Princess Amidala handing over a Sharper Image glowing globe to Captain Roos Tarpals at the end of Star Wars I). How corny can you get ? But Steve is known to milk an opportunity for all he can get. 🙂

And oh, one more thing…

The Macbook Pro. What the hell is that ? Sounds like the latest Etch-A-Sketch model. But no. Its the fastest laptop from any company ever. Running the Intel Core Duo processor at kick ass speed.

Highlights of the MacBook Pro:

1. Builtin iSight camera – I wished it was turnable 360degrees so you could point the camera at someone sitting in front of you and film them. Good for those pretty things that haunt Starbucks.

2. MagSafe power adpator – Plug is held magnetically so it comes off if it experiences a sharp jerk. Patent pending he

3. And all the other yada yada – sudden motion sensor, scrollable trackpad, ambient backlight keyboard etc.

And oh yes, its thinner than Bush’s excuse to attack Iraq…

So no Mac Mini Media PVR device or the Apple Toaster (though Steve did preview an Apple toaster in his Podcasting demo).

Until the next Steve-Event. Back to rumor-mongering…


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  1. First comment: When are you going to add a graphic to the Masthead?
    (no new Apple Hardware or Software at the Sherman Oaks Store as of Wed. an 11)
    enjoying your blog

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