The Intel iMac (iiMac) review…

So i finally caved in and bought my first brand new iiMac from the Apple Retail Store in Northridge. Its a 20 inch iiMac with 250 GB Hdd, upgraded to 1 GB RAM, builtin iSight, iLife 06, Airport Express, FrontRow IR Remote, BlueTooth and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. It cost a healthy $1950. But its worth it dammit. I waited 6 years, surviving on a used PowerMac G4 Dual 450 Mhz, and through 3 iMac/PowerMac generations before I upgraded.

In one word: this machine ROCKS ! I mean R-O-C-K, rocks !

By the way, I coined the term ‘iiMac’ to mean ‘Intel iMac’ and it fits quite nicely. Dont you think ?

Setup took all of 5 minutes, after plugging in power cord, a USB kbd and mouse. You cannot setup a new Mac with wireless BT kdb and mouse. You have to use a usb one and then once the machine is setup you can pair your BT devices.

The iiMac has a 2Ghz Intel Core Duo processor with 1 GB RAM. Its blazingly fast. I have not used the latest 2.7 Ghz dual G4, but I can imagine what speed feels like in comparison to my trusty G4 450 Mhz dual (which incidentally will be up for sale later this month :-).

I did not choose to migrate my data from my old computer during setup. I dont want to muck up my new iiMac with messy data. Now is the chance for me to organize my stuff cleanly :-).

Since I have a DotMac account, getting my Addresses, Bookmarks, Calendars synced was a breeze. Now i have to import my iLife settings and mailboxes and copy over my personal document directory and I am all done.

The applications are extremly responsive and it takes half a bounce on the dock for any app to launch. I am serious. Half a bounce ! Now I have to begin the quest of replacing my non-apple applications with Mac iOSX versions. I havent tried any legacy apps yet (like MS-Word) to run under Rosetta, but lets save that for another post.

I will post pictures of opening the package and setting up the iiMac by tonite. So keep watching this blog.


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