Moving iPhoto library to new machine – made easy

I wanted to transfer all my iLife media from my old machine to the new iiMac. iTunes was relatively easy since all my audio files are on a external firewire drive and i just plugged that in to my new iiMac, copied over the iTunes Library and iTunes Library XML file from the old machine to the new, changed the location of the library on the new machine in iTunes prefs and I had my original library intact with albums, ratings et al.

iPhoto seemed to be a tricky proposition, since all my photos were under the Pictures directory on the old machine. Just doing an Import to Library did not preserve the ratings and albums and I did not want to copy the old iPhoto settings file in the Pictures directory (since those are iLife 05 format files) to the new iLife 06 Pictures directory.

But then i got a brainwave (which happens sometimes :-)). I had linked both the macs together with a FireWire cable establishing a network between them. I shared my iPhoto albums from the old mac and they showed up on the iPhoto on the new iiMac. Then i just did a drag and drop of all 7000 pics from my old iPhoto Library share to the new iPhoto Library. Voila ! Each photo was imported with ratings and titles/tags intact. Cool eh ?

Now, I have to import all my Apple Mail folders/emails into the new iiMac. Until the next post then..