What was Steve thinking ?

A audio speaker ? That’s a fun product ? Well, color me blind, but if this is what the future portends, it might not be long before Steve actually introduces a MacToaster that can toast bread branded with the Apple logo. I mean, there are better qualified audio companies doing this already (Bose comes to mind). Unless, its the old ploy of selling more ipods..
The MacMiniMediaPlayer though is a good move. I can see it already in my living room, hooked up to my HDTV and browsing all the movies and music on my upstairs iiMac, instead of me using sneaker net with a MediaShare device from ximeta.com. The MMMP has builtin Airport and Bluetooth which means i can use my big-ass tv to browse the net and watch movies and play music sitting 10 ft away using my BT Keyboard and mouse.

Now if only they can make a BT data-glove so i dont need the kbd and mouse at all and can just use gestures to control the Mac..that would be awesome..