Laszlo – Technology for Web 2.0

If you have not seen Laszlo yet, be prepared to be dazzled. There are very few instances in internet history, where a new technology or product or service has garnered a ‘Whoa’ reaction from the collective blogosphere.. Laszlo is one of those ideas..

Laszlo Systems is a cutting edge company that has developed a Open Source DHTML technology that they term ‘Laszlo’. An impressive demonstration of their technology can be seen in their email service at : – Check it out and be prepared to be awed.

You can see a better demo of the full capablities of what the technology can do at their Dashboard Site.

You can dowload the open source IDE and OpenLaszlo Servers and start development in no time.

If you have checked out the links above, then you notice the gorgeous UI screens and designs of the interface. No wonder, since the founder of Laszlo and their chief UI architect are both ex-Apple employees. It’s great to see that they have taken their Apple design skills outside…


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