Universal email Inbox !

Like everyone else, I have 6 or 7 email accounts that I have to check periodically. This can be quite a pain if you have webmail accounts like Yahoo, HotMail etc. You have to keep switching to different websites to check all your email. Won’t it be nice if there was one web application that allowed you to read/reply/edit all your emails from all your various accounts on one website ?

Well, such a thing exists. Check out www.legmail.com. This is a awesome service from Denebrook Software in London, England. You can signup for a trial account for 30 days to evaluate the service. Once you signup you can add all your POP3/IMAP or webmail (Yahoo/Hotmail) accounts to LegMail and you can read/reply/edit emails for all these various accounts through the LegMail interface. It is really cool. And whats more, you can also host your own email from your own domains on their website a la hosted Gmail from Google.

The paid service is pretty cheap : $30 for 250 MB for a YEAR and $40 for 500 Mb for a year. They even have a vacation plan of $4.95 for 30 days so you dont have to worry about taking your laptop on your vacation.

I am trying it out and I like what i see so far…


2 thoughts on “Universal email Inbox !

  1. dearGautam,
    I forgot to re up on Mactalk (sgvmug) since getting my new email account. This weekend I found a problem on my Mac OS 10.2.8. After starting my computer I have no more bookmarks on any of my browsers but what more disturbing is that my Mail Program (Apple Mail) wants me to recon fig yet my accounts and inbox are still in folders. Any ideas? I don’t want to create another account until I find out the program. I did run disk utility from the CD and I clean out my cache folders.

    Thanks in advance, -joe

  2. Gautam,
    Long time no see! Kaay mhantos?
    I have been using outlook so far to sync my hotmail/yahoo/gmail.
    I will try legmail sometime soon!
    baaki thik. Enjoyed your website!
    Ravi (Jayanta) Tadwalkar, ex-Querisoft

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