Flock – Social Networking Web Browser

Flock The ultimate tool for the serious social networking gadfly, Flock is more than just a web browser. It’s your window into your Flickr/Photobucket account, your del.icio.us account and your blog. You can share your pictures and bookmarks as easily as clicking a button in the browser.

In fact I am writing this post from the Flock blog client. Its pretty convenient and easy to use. I could see these features start to appear in Safari soon. It also has ability to deliver search results as you are typing your query in the search window. And a built in RSS news reader completes the package. Very satisfying…


One thought on “Flock – Social Networking Web Browser

  1. This is a cool browser. I love the way the Feeds integrate and present a summary of all the feeds you have as a ‘FRONT Page’ of a newspaper..

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