Parallels Coherence mode rocks !

You have always imagined Windows programs running seamlessley on your Mac desktop ever since the Classic Mac. Well, dream no more. Now with Parallels Desktop for Mac you can have MS Windows applications run side by side on with your Mac applications. They will even show up in your Dock as individual applications. You have to see it to believe it.

Here are some snapshots of my Mac secondary desktop that is running Windows XP under Parallels in Coherence mode:

As you can see I have Windows Control Panel open over the Mac OS X System Preferences. The Window XP Start Bar is at the bottom. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture).

What this means is that you dont have to worry about running Windows inside a window and all the limitations that come with it. You can drag and drop files onto Windows applications and things will work just fine.

Here is a snapshot of my Dock with the Windows Control Panel showing up (with a Parallels logo overlaid on top of the icon):

So to switch to the Windows app you can just click on the Doc icon or Cmd-Tab through the application list.

Windows users throw away your PC’s and get a Mac!