Leopard – 10 Features

Steve announced 10 features for Leopard today – only 4 of which are new:

1. New look for Desktop

2. New Finder (cover-flow for app/file/page browsing)

3. Quick Look (preview files on desktop including multi media)

4. 64 – Bit Leopard – everything is huge (address space and file size)

5. Core Animation – Animate everything easily..

6. Boot Camp – integrated into OSX allows Macs to run OSX OR Windows (not simultaneously like Parallels)

7. Spaces – Compartmentalize every app

8. Dashboard – new Movie and WebClip widget

9. iChat – share docs/videos and browse together..

10. Time Machine – back up and restore for mom and dad !

Of these only the Desktop/Finder/iChat features are new.. Everything else was already known since last year.
Cmon Steve, you can do better than this.. We need to know the other 290 features of Leopard that you did not disclose..


One thought on “Leopard – 10 Features

  1. Come on Gautam,

    If he did that, what would show right before it was released? 😉

    case in point, the iPhone-
    the add during the Oscars was just people talking.
    Now that we have a definite release date, they’re showing features (and ease of use) in the commercials 🙂

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