iPhone has all Bluetooth capabilities – but disabled…

I paired by iPhone with my iMac over BlueTooth and found this:

Device Type: Phone
Device Services: Handsfree Gateway, Phonebook, Headset Gateway, IrMC Sync
Paired: Yes
Configured: Yes
Favorite: Yes
Connected: No

So it does have the standard BlueTooth functions but cannot be used with a computer..yet.. waiting for a software update… sigh…


One thought on “iPhone has all Bluetooth capabilities – but disabled…

  1. That sucks!

    I really want to own this, but unfortunately, it wont be out in India before early next yr..not that it stops me from buying one but I dont know if they are going to lock their phones to level 1 or something like that and probably it wont be usable here before they officially launch it.

    Also, this gives me sometime before they figure out the bugs and come out with a new release 🙂

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