To AppleTV or Not ?

I have been struggling with the decision whether to buy an AppleTV or not. We currently have a DirecTV subscription that runs us about $65 a month. That’s about $780 a year !

Plus we have a NetFlix subscription for $17 a month that adds up to $204 a year giving a total of $984 per year spent on TV and Movies. (Yikes !)

If I get an AppleTV ($300 for the 40gb – which I will upgrade to a 500gb hdd available for $100 at Fry’s giving a total cost of $400 approx) then I think I could save some money .. or maybe not..

So with $780 per year I could buy about 390 TV Shows at $2 a pop. That’s about a show day for the year. Typically we watch maybe 1 or 2 half hour shows or maybe 1 one hour show a night and sometimes 1 or 2 movies a week.

If i get rid of the DirecTV (I would need to find replacements for Food Network/HGTV channels since my wife is addicted to them and they are not on iTunes) I calculated that I would need to spend more than $780 for all the shows that we watch (between our daughter and ourselves it comes to more than $1000 a year).

The other option would be to subscribe to a minimal TV plan ($30 is the cheapest) and then use ElGato DVR to record programs from the satellite feed, convert them to AppleTV format and sync them to the AppleTV. That might actually work out cheaper since my total yearly cost would be about $420 or so for just the satellite charges for two rooms.

All the other shows not covered by the basic plan we could buy from iTunes and that won’t be more than about 50 shows a year ($100 a year more).

Hmm.. more research and thinking is needed…