Dinner with the Mac Small Biz owners group

I am sitting at the Chaat Cafe on 3rd & Folsom behind the Moscone South Hall. Just finished dinner with the 40 or so Mac Small Biz owners who showed up. Thanks to Niall Ferguson for organizing the dinner. Here we (Andrew, Gautam, Billy from SGVMUG, Pasadena) are with the Timbuktu people (they are sporting Motorola shirts because Motorola bought Timbuktu. Who knew ?)
MacSB Dinner
The consensus of the group was that the MacBook Air is the next Apple Cube! It’s priced too high and with very little to show for the $1800 price tag. No firewire ports and a 13 inch screen. Apple completely missed the sub-notebook market.

MacSB Dinner

By the way, I am blogging this from a $200 OLPC XO. Apple needs to make something like this – a 9 inch subnotebook with flash drive only. It is only a question of time…


3 thoughts on “Dinner with the Mac Small Biz owners group

  1. yes there seems to be a bit of post iPhone floundering ie the Apple TV which sounds good on paper but lacks the brainlessness needed for TV usage. Maps sounds hot tho and i hope the movie deal keeps moving in the right direction. merry everything gautam. kane roberts aka “mahesh mahoney”

  2. You know what, I ordered an OLPC as well (and on the first day, too) and they just won’t ship to us (Canadians) until next month. Sux…

  3. Hi, I am Mike from Motorola, the guy furtherst on the left in the photo from the dinner above. Would it be possible to get a high-res copy of the photo of my team at the table. Please drop me a line… mike (at) mikesilverman.com


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