Waiting in line for the keynote

I am at the MacWorld 2008 Keynote line. The line as you can imagine is a few miles long. Not kidding !

Everyone here is tired since most of them have been in line overnight. I am about the 21st person in line. Don’t ask how I got so close 🙂

Here’s me blogging away on my XO OLPC.

Waiting in line for the keynote

So what’s Steve doing right about now ? It’s 8am here in SFO and I bet Steve is pacing back and forth in the auditorium practising the keyone one last time. Wonder what time he got up ? Where did he stay ? Did he drive down from his home or was he holing up at a hotel nearby ? I hope he got enough sleep…


One thought on “Waiting in line for the keynote

  1. did u show him your laptop? maybe he’ll get some ideas for next macworld prods. u can balance that in one hand too right?

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