The Good the Bad and the fantastic…

Since every other Mac blog will cover the main products in detail, I thought I would cover those products that are quirky, cool and fun. The next few postings are about these kind of different products.

To start off, here is something that is really cool:

This is a solar charger for iPods, iPhones and other regular pda/phones/mp3 players from a company called Solio đŸ™‚

I bought a couple of these since I can definitely use them. My wife often forgets to charge her phone and then she is stranded when she needs to use it. She can leave this charger on the dashboard of her car and use it to charge her phone when she needs it. These chargers have builtin LI batteries that get charged by the solar cells. Each full charge can power up a iPod 2 times before they need recharging. Clean green and cool!