My iPhone is naked !

I just finished installing the InvisibleShield protective cover on my iPhone and I have to say it’s one of the best things I did. This product is amazing. Zagg , the company that makes them had a booth at MacWorld and they were challenging iPhone owners to throw away their existing case in exchange for the InvisibleShield cover and go ‘naked’ !

Surprisingly there were more than 30-40 cases already collected in a bin at the booth. It didn’t take me long to be convinced after watching the demo and feeling a covered iPhone. For the demo, they threw a iPhone covered with the InvisibleShield into a box full of nails & screws and shook the box vigorously. There was no scratch on the iPhone !

So I threw my InCase iPhone case into their bin and traded it for a InvisibleShield cover. I finished installing the front cover to protect the LCD screen of the iPhone and it has been great. The plastic cover is made of urethane and is usually used by the military to cover the leading edges of helicopter blades ! Talk about being ‘cutting edge’ :-).

An added benefit of the cover is that it does not leave fingerprint marks or oil smudges on the LCD. Usually if you hold the iPhone to your ear the LCD gets some oil smudges from your ear/face. With the cover on, the surface remains smooth and unblemished.

I highly recommend it and well worth the $25 price. You won’t regret it.