Apple does NOT wow with new iPods…

ipod nano
For the first time in the last few years, Apple did not wow me with the new ipods they announced today. A new iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and new in-ear headphones.. Is that all you got Apple ? C’mon Steve, show us the real stuff. Where is that rumored Apple micro laptop/tablet ?

In fact, let me go on a mini rant here..

What happened to :

  • Wifi syncing – i don’t want to use a silly USB cable when my iPhone/iTouch has a WIFI connection !! Use that Apple..
  • BlueTooth on the iPhone is a frikkin joke ! Even a two bit Samsung phone has better BT than the iPhone. And why can’t I listen to music using BT ?? That is just completely insane.. aargh..
  • Now that we have DRM free music (somewhat) in the iTunes store, can i please please sync my iPod with multiple computers ??? Is that too much to ask ? Huh ?
  • You can watch the launch here..