Reading on the iPad

Reading on the iPad is quite a immersive experience. Here is the front page of WSJ as rendered on the iPad. It’s very close to what the print edition looks like.

The WSJ charges $17.29 a month for the full newspaper and archives. In the free version you only get today’s newspaper but with ads, like you see the Coke ad in the bottom left corner of the screenshot above.
Also, you get online videos with the articles:

That’s a screenshot of a video related to the article. Very cool..

USA Today meanwhile has a really cool iPad version of their print paper with a lot more pics and videos. Here is their screenshot:

As you see, it’s a very glitzy almost Star Trek version of the print newspaper. Very interactive and everything scrolls so smooth.. This app and the content is free with a small ad banner at the bottom..
Another favorite content app is the NPR app. This app has text stories as well as audio shows. Plus you can listen to any NPR station (local or remote) while you are reading the articles.
Here is a typical screen:

I am listening to the live stream of KPCC my local NPR station (shown at the strip at the bottom of the news stories. And here is a screenshot of the program list:

Pretty comprehensive. And very smooth delivery over wifi. I wonder how these will perform over ATT 3G.
Here is a shot of the reading experience:

You can close the news drawer at the bottom for more reading real estate.
So that’s the reading experience for news and newspaper on the iPad. Next article will look at the book reading experience..

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