Where is Lion?

So all the rumors about Lion launching on July 12/14 are turning out to be duds. Seems like Apple is holding back the release in anticipation of some new hardware. There is a strong possibility of new MacBook Airs and Mac Minis and maybe a re-designed Mac Pro. The rumor mills are chafing at the bit to come up with something that would justify the delayed release.

But I say, Apple never planned to release Lion so early on in July. When they announced they would be releasing in July, it usually means the last week of July. So my bet is that they will release it on July 21st. That gives them enough time to approve the apps that developers will be submitting in response to Apple’s call this week. It also gives them time to preload Lion on any new hardware they will be shipping.

So don’t hold  your breath yet. There is plenty of time to backup your existing Mac installations. You are going to back it up before you upgrade to Lion, aren’t you ?