Spotify is here…

So I spent yesterday and today listening to music on and I believe that Apple has every reason to be afraid.. Very afraid.

For those who don’t know, Spotify is an online music streaming service out of Sweden. After being a rage in Europe for many years, it finally made its US debut on Jul 14, 2001 at 8 am PDT.

Spotify is like Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody with one unique difference: They have a free plan that allows the user to listen to over 15 million (read that right, million !) tracks anytime they want for as many times as they want (not really, but read on…)

They also have two paid plans: Unlimited for $5 a month and Premium for $10 a month.

The free plan has the following limitations:

1. Ads show up in the Spotify app and along with Audio ads from time to time.

2. You can listen to 20 hours a month for free for the first six months. After 6 months its 10 hours a month and at most 5 listens per track. i.e. you can listen to the same track 5 times a month.

The Unlimited plan takes these restrictions away and the Premium plan allows you to listen to Spotify on mobile devices and download music for offline listening.

See here for a nice comparison: