Enter, Lion…

Install Lion (image courtesy, John Siracusa at ArsTechnica)

It’s safe to say that today was the Day of the Lion. Apple Mac OS X Lion, to be specific. I think Apple may have done wonders for the lives of the endangered species of the feline family over the last decade.

As announced at yesterday’s Apple quarterly earnings conference call, Lion did indeed become available in the Mac AppStore today. Since then I have upgraded a couple of my Macs to Lion and I read all the important reviews of the 250+ features of much vaunted operating system. I don’t think any other company that makes a consumer operating system could get as many page views as Lion seems to have done today.

So without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of the most important Lion reviews on the web:

John Siracusa – the grand-daddy of them all, John Siracusa at Ars Technica has typed a 27,000 word article, nay a tome..

Andy Ihnatko – always funny and precise, to be precise..

Walt Mossberg – his master’s voice at the WSJ

David Pogue – the NY Times gadget guy and all round fun guy..

engadget – the leader of the gadget blogs..

TUAW – great little stuff that belongs only at TUAW

That should set you up for a good read all week.. meanwhile I am working on my take – the Mac Messiah take, on Mac OS X Lion.. watch this space…