Who’s afraid of Tim Cook ?

Apple after Jobs won’t be the same.

Here’s why…

No one was as scary as Steve. He ruled with fear. All those in contact with him were terrified of what Steve would think and worked like maniacs in order to please Steve and get his approval.

There is not a single person at Apple or for that matter any other company that can evoke such fear, loyalty and eagerness to please.

Tim Cook looks and sounds like a warm fuzzy teddy bear. No one has ever heard that he has outbursts or desiccates employees. Ditto for Schiller, Forstall, Eddy and even Jony Ive.

This will soon start translating into employee and partner insouciance. The employees are going to take more chances and quality will suffer. Similarly, partners will have no fear of Steve’s wrath and exclusion policies. I see the wireless carriers, the recording labels and movie partners all starting to start pushing back and getting better deals.

In about 18-24 months this will slowly manifest itself into all Apple’s operations and products and though the spirit will be the same, the experience will have changed…

No organization (company or government) has been able to replace or replicate the success of its leader and Apple is no different…