Think like Apple..


As I navigate through the media storm of the iPhone 4S I can’t but help thinking that all the media pundits and consumer protests about the phone are so misguided. They are not thinking like Apple.

Let’s take a look at their cries of protest:

1. No new form factor: Apple has a release cycle and pattern established with the 3G and 3GS. They iterate the design over two years and keep improving the internals – hardware and software – until it is perfect and has achieved mass penetration.

2. No LTE: The LTE coverage is woefully inadequate. Apple doesn’t serve just the media pundits who live in metro cities. They have to reach the soccer mom/dad in Las Cruces.

3. Siri is not on iPad or iPhone 4: Remeber, Siri is still beta software. They want to test their servers against a few million users who buy the 4S – once they are done with testing I believe that they will release it to iPad and iPhone 4 in a software update.

These are the only three major features the pundits have a problem with.

The 4S has already sold a million handsets on the first day.

The users have spoken with their wallets.. Let’s think more like Apple..