Lion roars on Wednesday…

According to, Apple will release Lion on Wednesday Jul 18, 2011 at 8.30 am EDT. Also along with Lion, Apple will also release new MacBook Airs (with backlit keyboards, thankfully).

This brings to a head, the intense speculation on the release date of Lion and I admit I predicted it to be a couple of days later.. but better earlier than later, right ?

So get your $30 ready, make sure you have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on your Mac and an active iTunes AppStore account.

Come back here on Wednesday afternoon  for tips and tricks and share your install experiences…


Spotify is here…

So I spent yesterday and today listening to music on and I believe that Apple has every reason to be afraid.. Very afraid.

For those who don’t know, Spotify is an online music streaming service out of Sweden. After being a rage in Europe for many years, it finally made its US debut on Jul 14, 2001 at 8 am PDT.

Spotify is like Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody with one unique difference: They have a free plan that allows the user to listen to over 15 million (read that right, million !) tracks anytime they want for as many times as they want (not really, but read on…)

They also have two paid plans: Unlimited for $5 a month and Premium for $10 a month.

The free plan has the following limitations:

1. Ads show up in the Spotify app and along with Audio ads from time to time.

2. You can listen to 20 hours a month for free for the first six months. After 6 months its 10 hours a month and at most 5 listens per track. i.e. you can listen to the same track 5 times a month.

The Unlimited plan takes these restrictions away and the Premium plan allows you to listen to Spotify on mobile devices and download music for offline listening.

See here for a nice comparison:

iOS v4.3.4 Update – fixes PDF security hole

Apple released iOS v4.3.4 to fix the PDF security hole that allowed a hacker to send a PDF file and upon opening it the hacker had access to the system and could potentially put harmful code there.

This update applies to:

GSM iPhone 4, 3GS

iPad 2, iPad

iPod Touch 3rd / 4th Generation

CDMA iPhone 4 has iOS 4.2.9 update available.

The PDF exploit became known last week, after hackers utilized it to offer a browser-based “jailbreak” of iOS devices. “Jailbreak” is the term used to describe exploiting flaws in iOS code to allow users to run software that is not approved by Apple.

So plug in your iOS device to your iTunes machine and get the update…

Where is Lion?

So all the rumors about Lion launching on July 12/14 are turning out to be duds. Seems like Apple is holding back the release in anticipation of some new hardware. There is a strong possibility of new MacBook Airs and Mac Minis and maybe a re-designed Mac Pro. The rumor mills are chafing at the bit to come up with something that would justify the delayed release.

But I say, Apple never planned to release Lion so early on in July. When they announced they would be releasing in July, it usually means the last week of July. So my bet is that they will release it on July 21st. That gives them enough time to approve the apps that developers will be submitting in response to Apple’s call this week. It also gives them time to preload Lion on any new hardware they will be shipping.

So don’t hold  your breath yet. There is plenty of time to backup your existing Mac installations. You are going to back it up before you upgrade to Lion, aren’t you ?

Can’t cancel a Screen Sharing window?

I had this happen to me too many times. When I start Screen Sharing and attempt to connect to a computer, sometimes the Screen Sharing window keeps trying to connect. All the buttons are disabled and I can never close the window.

I finally figured out from Activity Monitor, that the window is controlled by NetAuthAgent. Using Activity Monitor, I killed that process and voila! That window disappeared !

One more nagging thing laid to rest…